Ahhhhhhh Spring is here. Coming out of the cold weather to the start of Spring Training? —it’s my favorite time of year! I’m dying to see how all the off-season trades and free agent signings play out from the very start. And you know that my Dodgers are going to be in the hunt again – we just need to push all the way through the playoffs this year.

I would love to walk you through a little bit of the inspiration for the Touch Spring 2017 Collection. It has been derived from fashion trends and the warmer weather that is ahead of us! We “touch” on some fun trends, such as some bling, mesh and reversible. And, athleisure will continue to be a real focus for us.

You will notice the use of foil on a lot of the pieces. We LOVE the use of foil on garments! It draws attention to whatever graphic: team name/logo/etc. you are representing. As you know and love us for, we took a novel approach this season to the use of foil. We are using iridescent foils – in both gold and silver–depending on your team of choice. You didn’t think for a second we would just blend into the sea of other garments using foil, did you?

I continue to focus my design team on the need to offer variety in styling, to better accommodate all body types. I think you will be proud of the line you will see. Yes, there are the more fitted tops, but I’ve also gotten behind a number of A-lines, boyfriend fits, and overall looser looks.

Mesh has continued to trend, and in looking at what is in the fashion boutiques, there is no wrong way to incorporate it. In the fashion world, you will see a variety of mesh treatments being used: true athletic (read: poly/nylon) meshes, LARGE holed fishnet meshes, to smaller-almost closed hole mesh.

In one group of Spring products, I’ve used a cotton-based smaller hole mesh, which is “fabric blocked” against a very soft cotton-based jersey. They work great together, especially because you will not have one fabric shrink more than the other in washing–they will maintain the integrity of each style. We even added a cool, baseball laced up top and dress to this grouping with the super small cotton mesh – such an unexpected take on the traditional styling – so much more femme.

This is just the 1st sneak peek at my Spring 2017 Collection. Stay tuned for more… If you have a chance, tweet me, and let me know what are your faves. And don’t forget……GO DODGERS!