Alyssa Milano talks Dodgers fandom, sports clothing line, World Series pick

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MIAMI — Back in 2007, Alyssa Milano was doing postseason work for TBS, and she was available to do phone interviews to promote her spots. My editor at Sporting News magazine (the dearly departed print edition) asked if anyone was available to handle the interview. I volunteered, because I volunteered for pretty much anything that


Toronto Blue Jays: Alyssa Milano thanks the fans

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Blue Jays fans express their excitement as Alyssa Milano gives thanks for their support Click HERE to watch the video on the



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Ahhhhhhh Spring is here. Coming out of the cold weather to the start of Spring Training? —it’s my favorite time of year! I’m dying to see how all the off-season trades and free agent signings play out from the very start. And you know that my Dodgers are going to be in the hunt again


Aliya-Jasmine Sovani hits the Women in Sports Business Panel

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Aliya-Jasmine Sovani took part in the Women in Sports Business Panel last week where she chatted with Alyssa Milano, Luc Robitaille, NHL commish Gary Bettman, Susan Samueli and more.