About us


Where did this crazy idea all begin?!?

I was sitting in Dodger Stadium on a chilly night in 2006 and a bit under dressed for the game. So, I decided to go to the Dodger Team Store and buy something to warm me up. When I stepped into the store and started to look around I realized that there was really nothing cool and fashionable for me to wear.

I looked around the store at the other female shoppers. Then I walked outside the store and starting looking around the stands at the other ladies in attendance. And that’s when I noticed that there were not many women wearing stylish clothing with the Dodgers logo on it.

Can you say “LIGHT BULB”?!?!

If I was looking for something like this, there MUST be other women looking for the same thing.

It helps that I come from a long line of designers in my family…so, it’s in my blood.

And, I am a HUGE sports fan.

I was convinced that I could create a new collection of fashion apparel for the female sports fan. Something you can wear to the game and to the party after or just living life everyday. Something I would wear. This collection needed to be created for all of us.

I have taken great pride in the delicious fabrics (by the way, I have invented my own “garmento” lingo) and details that go into my designs. Everything I design has the female fan in mind—like the double zipper on all of the outerwear, so you don’t get that “pooch” when you sit down…and the built in support bra in many of the tops.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the response from female fans all over the world. Even now I cry when I see a fan wearing a piece of the Touch collection in the stands. It is all very overwhelming.

I continue to be inspired daily by my love of fashion and love of sports. And hope all women will see this through the designs of all my future Touch collections.

With Love,